For the night talk and the beach walk. 
A brand founded by singer-songwriter Jill Shaw. 
Slowly arised on my personal roadtrip, inspired by the ocean & handmade on the beat of my favorite song. 
Sustainable, because we care for quality, ecologically created with our minds in the future.
Easy fits, because every day feels like a holiday.
Dared, different but real
With an artistic touch, there’s a performer in all of us
For the wild hearts and wildest hearts 
The story.
My love for music inspired me to create
My every day look and the way I see fashion was something I eagerly wanted to share.
As the singer & artist in me but also as a fashion victim, that I AM.
Music and fashion are basically 1. They sparkle when they touch.
I shared this love with a few brands, and after several collaborations, SHAW, my own brand was born.
SHAW is my universe, it’s my daily look & my night walk.
I get inspired by everything.
The ocean, when I surf, when my favorite playlist is playing on repeat, when I perform and when I write a new song.
I try to put this all in one dress.
Everything-SHAW is conceived and created by my favorite duo, mom and daughter. Her and I. We rock together. She puts the drawings to my creative chaos.
We get inspired when we dance through thrift shops, when we watch a fashion show and always when we travel.
SHAW is sweet but has an edge,
We like to add some of the non-obvious
And we won’t stop
Do you dare to wear?